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GMS Pride Blast Sunday April 26, 2020

Updated: Apr 27


We hope the entire Githens family is staying safe and healthy! Announcement from Governor Cooper: On Friday April 24th, Governor Cooper announced that all public schools in North Carolina will not reopen after May 15 and will remain closed until the end of the school year. We will continue to educate students virtually and with supplemental instructional packets.  The next supplemental packet will likely be mailed out May 8th.  Newsletters: Teachers will update team newsletters every two weeks.  The most recent newsletters are linked below.  You can also sign up directly to receive team newsletters, please contact your child’s teacher or visit the team website for more info.     6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


Theatre Arts Google Classroom codes:

  • 6th Grade: zf2g6tc

  • 7th Grade: td7cdk6

  • 8th Grade: 5kixdfj

Support for Spanish Speaking Families: If you have questions about instructional packets, meals, or if you need someone to interpret a message for you, please email Ms. Dionne Jimenez at Dionne.Jimenez@dpsnc.net and please include your phone number in the email message. Grab and Go Meals at Githens continuing on Mondays and Thursdays from 11am-12:30pm:

  • For families unable to travel to food distribution sites, DPS Foundation will deliver meals to households on Wednesdays.  Sign up here (form is available in English and Spanish): https://support-bullcityschools.netlify.app/

  • The sign-ups are first come first serve. Families only have to sign up one time. For now, they are capping sign-ups at 500 families, so sign up soon.

  • Families that sign up after the 500 cap has been reached will be waitlisted and contacted via text message if they are able to deliver food to the family.

  • For full list of sites: https://www.durhamfeast.org/sites.

Student DPS Gmail Accounts: Students need to claim their DPS gmail accounts athttps://central.dpsnc.net/dtl/shared-resources/student-gmail.   


  • Help Wanted!

  • Volunteers are needed to help Ms. Major create a virtual slide show for our 8th graders. If you'd like to help out please email Ms. Major at Vivianease_Major@dpsnc.net.

  • If you’re the kind of person who documents everything, we have the perfect role for you. A volunteer is needed to serve as PTA Secretary for the 2020-2021 academic year. You’ll get to put your stellar record-keeping skills and attention to detail to good use!  If you are interested in supporting the PTA in this capacity please send an email to githensptapresident@gmail.com.


The Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly - Live Stream event Tuesday April 28th:  The Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly was created by motivational speaker, music artist and college enthusiast, Jason Lewis. This unique assembly fuses the genre of hip hop with the structure of an Q&A discussion panel, both under the umbrella of a message of encouragement and empowerment. As we all make major and minor adjustments in this unique season, Beautiful Tomorrow will provide schools with brief motivational and inspirational video clips. The subject matter will vary from having the courage to go after your dreams, to having the discipline to study for upcoming test, to having the wisdom to select healthy peers to spend time with. Social and emotional development are very important to Beautiful Tomorrow and we want to do our part in supporting the mental health of today's youth. Encouragement From The Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly https://www.facebook.com/Humbletip1/videos/226923705200520/?epa=SEARCH_BOX The Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly will host a Live Stream Tuesday April 28th at 1:00pm EST on Facebook (/Humbletip1) and Instagram (/Humbletip).  BPLC "In This Together" Panel Series -- next panel 4/30  The Black Parent Leaders' Collaborative is a coalition of Black leaders and people of color “in community” who advocate for race equity in education. Our mission has been to make space for Black and Brown community leaders in various organizations  to strategically plan ways of operating, co-existing, co-sharing and collaborating for the benefit of marginalized community members. Sponsored by EPiC, we are, and Village of Wisdom, this panel series will take a variety of perspectives that center the experiences of Black families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Legal Aid of NC Coronavirus-and-Education Know Your Rights Training -- 5/1 On Friday, May 1st from 11 AM to 12 PM, Legal Aid will host a Coronavirus-and-Education Know Your Rights training via Zoom and Facebook Live.  The Zoom link is: https://zoom.us/j/91168580266. This session will include overviews of recent guidance, along with lots of practical tips for advocating for students. For those who can’t attend the live session, a video recording will also be available on Legal Aid of NC’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LegalAidNC ) for families and advocates to access whenever they are available. Legal Aid of NC’s Coronavirus Resource Page can be found at http://www.legalaidnc.org/coronavirus.


Therapy for Black Girls' Podcast

The Therapy for Black Girls podcast hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a great resource for mental health and personal development for Black women. In one of her recent episodes, Session 147: How Are You Doing?, Dr. Joy shares great tips on how to make sense of how we may be feeling in this season.



Brought to you by your Corona Calm Guides: Kate Murphy and Barbara Berry


This guide offers a few tips on how to support  your teen with online learning and maintaining positive social connections during these challenging times. Middle school is a time when social connection means so much to students. Understand the sense of isolation they feel, perhaps more deeply than the adults in the household. Encourage them to stay connected with friends and check in on how they are doing in their classwork. Teens need a sense of freedom and exploration. Remember to include your teen in the planning process of setting up a schedule and plan. Give them choices.  Remember to celebrate their successes and accomplishments.

The key elements to mindful learning are:

  • Intention

  • Attention

  • Curiosity

Help your teen become more mindfully aware and involved in designing their own learning environment and structure. Celebrate the space they set up and the tools. Make organization fun and colorful and uniquely theirs. They can use graphic organizers to express their thoughts. Have decorated planners. Make a party and celebration out of getting organized.

Intention: Setting an Intention is a key component in mindfulness practice. Encourage your teen to set an intention before starting their daily work. This isn’t a goal. It is more of a generalized tone the work session will embrace. For example : today I will keep an open mind of curiosity as I complete my science lesson.

Self kindness is the lynchpin of mindful self compassion. Encourage your teen to not judge themselves.  

Mindful thoughts: How we talk to ourselves internally sets the tone of how we work. Help your teen become aware of the stories they are telling themselves about online work. Encourage them to open themselves to creating a new frame of reference.

Non-judgment: Praise and celebration can replace the judging mind. 

Common Humanity: We are all in this together. The struggles your teen is experiencing is universal. All their classmates are feeling the same struggles.

Curiosity and Open Mindedness: Through mindful awareness students can open themselves to the novelty and opportunities presented to them through online learning.

Gratitude: By feeling gratitude to our teachers and family for the opportunities presented in online learning students can open their hearts. An open heart is the inroad to an open mind.

 Practice self compassion for yourself as well. Recognize you too are faced with new challenges in these unprecedented times. Allow  yourself to be kind to yourself and know we are all in this together. Githens is a strong, supportive community and we are all one.


  1. Schedule

  2. Have a clear work space for your teen- folders to organize work

  3. Daily to do list

  4. Clear expectations

  5. Set up  rewards

  6. Use Parental  blocks to keep student on task

  7. Check in with teachers and google classroom

  8. Validate the stress and struggles of online learning 

  9. Schedule in some fun during the day. 

  10. Set up break times 

  11. Use a planner

  12. Make organizational tools colorful, personal and fun


Work with your teen to establish some helpful guidelines to positive social media use:

Time spent, limiting mindless scrolling, positive non tech breaks,  times of electronic fast for the entire family.  Your teen can be a valuable asset in making these plans. They understand the inroads of social media use better than we do.

Encourage your teen to only stay connected with positive interactions.

If a chat group isn’t supportive it is time to step away.

Remind your teen that this too shall pass.

Set up fun time and rewards for your teen.

Remember common humanity and connection are key to mindfulness and to the reality of this time of QUARAN-TEEN.

Protect your Kids Online

Parents, as we navigate the virtual learning experience, please be mindful of how you can protect your kids from online exploitation: 

  • Discuss Internet safety with children of all ages when they engage in online activity.

  • Review and approve games and apps before they are downloaded.

  • Make sure privacy settings are set to the strictest level possible for online gaming systems and electronic devices.

  • Monitor your children’s use of the Internet; keep electronic devices in an open, common room of the house.

  • Check your children’s profiles and what they post online.

  • Explain to your children that images posted online will be permanently on the Internet.

  • Make sure children know that anyone who asks a child to engage in appropriate or sexually explicit activity online should be reported to a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult and law enforcement.

  • Remember that victims should not be afraid to tell law enforcement if they are being sexually exploited. It is not a crime for a child to send sexually explicit images to someone if they are compelled or coerced to do so.


The Beautiful Project Young Poets' Competition -- submissions due 4/30 Shaunna is another friend of TBP, author, educator, and member of our writing circle Maya’s Room. For the month of April, which is National Poetry Month, Shaunna is hosting a contest for young writers, ages 10-18 years old, to write and submit a poem about the impact of this pandemic on their lives. There will be a cash prize for the chosen poem. The deadline is April 30th. You can find more details hereDCABP Youth Honoree Award -- submissions due 5/17 The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People wants to celebrate two outstanding youth in the Durham community.  The Education & Youth Committee is soliciting nominations for our 2020 Youth Honoree Award.  These individuals will be recognized during our annual DCABP Banquet on August 15, 2020. If you know of any youth in Durham who should be recognized for their hard work in making a difference in the Black community, please nominate them using this form! The deadline to submit nominations is 11:59 pmSundayMay 172020. For additional information, please email DCABP.EDU@gmail.com.

ANUNCIOS ¡Esperamos que toda la familia Githens se mantenga segura y saludable! Anuncio del Gobernador Cooper: El viernes 24 de abril, el Gobernador Cooper anunció que todas las escuelas públicas de Carolina del Norte no volverán a abrir después del 15 de mayo y permanecerán cerradas hasta el final del año escolar. Continuaremos educando a los estudiantes virtualmente y con paquetes de instrucción suplementarios. El próximo paquete complementario probablemente se enviará por correo el 8 de mayo. Boletines informativos: los maestros actualizarán los boletines informativos del equipo cada dos semanas. Los boletines más recientes están vinculados a continuación. También puede suscribirse directamente para recibir boletines informativos del equipo, comuníquese con el maestro de su hijo o visite el sitio web del equipo para obtener más información. 6to grado Pez vela: https://mailchi.mp/058fe428ab91/sailfish-team-e-newsletter-volume-1a-4406495?e=0ca99e6337 Tiburones: https://sharkgms.weebly.com/newsletter.html Estrella de mar: https://sites.google.com/dpsnc.net/starfishgithens/newsletter Rayas: haga clic aquí  Séptimo grado Jaguares: haga clic aquí Leones: https://mailchi.mp/3c9e7b503c25/important-news-for-doing-school-at-home-4405119 Panteras: https://mailchi.mp/a50a48d28585/distance-learning-updates-4394936?e=51eeebfb7f Tigres: haga clic aquí Octavo grado Halcones: haga clic aquí Águilas pescadoras: https://gmsospreys.weebly.com/ Cuervos: haga clic aquí Electivas Artes aplicadas (biotecnología; ciencias ambientales; ciencias de plantas, animales y alimentos; aplicación de negocios y computadoras; español): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JcJWKRuJj8ufsLcRET2ImbZE1By5EfgB9mrHaRGT0b4/edit?usp=sharing Bellas Artes (Coro, Banda, Orquesta, Artes Visuales, Artes Teatrales): haga clic aquí PE: https://sites.google.com/dpsnc.net/gms-healthful-living/pe-newsletter?authuser=0 Códigos de Google Artsroom de Theater Arts: 6to Grado: zf2g6tc 7mo grado: td7cdk6 8vo Grado: 5kixdfj Apoyo a las familias de habla hispana: Si tiene preguntas sobre paquetes de instrucción, comidas o si necesita que alguien le interprete un mensaje, envíe un correo electrónico a la Sra. Dionne Jiménez a Dionne.Jimenez@dpsnc.net e incluya su número de teléfono en el mensaje de correo electrónico.   Comidas para llevar en Githens que continúan los lunes y jueves de 11 a.m. a 12:30 p.m. Para las familias que no pueden viajar a los sitios de distribución de alimentos, la Fundación DPS entregará comidas a los hogares los miércoles. Regístrese aquí (el formulario está disponible en inglés y español): https://support-bullcityschools.netlify.app/ Las inscripciones son por orden de llegada. Las familias solo tienen que registrarse una vez. Por ahora, están limitando las inscripciones en 500 familias, así que regístrese pronto. Las familias que se registren después de alcanzar el límite de 500 serán puestas en lista de espera y contactadas por mensaje de texto si pueden entregar alimentos a la familia. Para la lista completa de sitios: https://www.durhamfeast.org/sites. Cuentas de Gmail para estudiantes DPS: Los estudiantes deben reclamar sus cuentas de gmail DPS en: https://central.dpsnc.net/dtl/shared-resources/student-gmail. ACTUALIZACIONES DE LA PTA ¡Se busca ayudante! Se necesitan voluntarios para ayudar a la Sra. Major a crear una presentación de diapositivas virtual para nuestros alumnos de octavo grado. Si desea ayudar, envíe un correo electrónico a la Sra. Major a Vivianease_Major@dpsnc.net. Si eres el tipo de persona que documenta todo, tenemos el papel perfecto para ti. Se necesita un voluntario para servir como Secretario de la PTA para el año académico 2020-2021. ¡Podrá aprovechar sus habilidades estelares para mantener registros y prestar atención a los detalles! Si está interesado en apoyar a la PTA en esta capacidad, envíe un correo electrónico a githensptapresident@gmail.com. La PTA celebró su última reunión de forma remota el 20 de abril de 2020. Revise las actas haciendo clic en https://docs.google.com/document/d/19YRe6fCqkw1WeIH7WstZ8iJXSU3DuAKjAuRQdZYJljg/edit y envíe un correo electrónico a Hallie Davis-Penders a halliedavis@hotmail.com Cualquier corrección o comentario. EVENTOS COMUNITARIOS The Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly - Evento de transmisión en vivo martes 28 de abril: La Asamblea Beautiful Tomorrow fue creada por el orador motivacional, artista musical y entusiasta de la universidad, Jason Lewis. Esta asamblea única fusiona el género del hip hop con la estructura de un panel de discusión de preguntas y respuestas, ambos bajo el paraguas de un mensaje de aliento y empoderamiento. A medida que todos hacemos ajustes mayores y menores en esta temporada única, Beautiful Tomorrow proporcionará a las escuelas breves videoclips motivacionales e inspiradores. El tema variará de tener el coraje de perseguir sus sueños, tener la disciplina para estudiar para el próximo examen, y tener la sabiduría para seleccionar compañeros saludables para pasar el tiempo. El desarrollo social y emocional es muy importante para Beautiful Tomorrow y queremos hacer nuestra parte para apoyar la salud mental de los jóvenes de hoy. Aliento de la hermosa Asamblea de mañana https://www.facebook.com/Humbletip1/videos/226923705200520/?epa=SEARCH_BOX   La Asamblea Beautiful Tomorrow organizará una transmisión en vivo el martes 28 de abril a la 1:00 pm EST en Facebook (/ Humbletip1) e Instagram (/ Humbletip). Serie de paneles "En esto juntos" de BPLC - próximo panel 4/30 El Black Parent Leaders 'Collaborative es una coalición de líderes y personas negras

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